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Daftar produk Shell Greases | Grease Shell

Daftar produk Shell Greases | Grease Shell

A Shell greases is a lubricant which has a semi-liquid to solid consistency. A Shell greases is made from oil which have been mixed with other ingredients to form a gel-like material. Shell Greases have the
advantage that they tend to stay where they are put!

Shell Food Grade Greases

Shell Cassida

  • Shell Cassida EPS
  • Shell Cassida HDS
  • Shell Cassida HTS2
  • Shell Cassida RLS2

Shell General Greases for Industry

Shell Alvania EP (LF)

Shell Alvania RL

Shell Albida EP

  • Shell Albida EP 1
  • Shell Albida EP 2

Shell Stamina EP

  • Shell Stamina EP 2

Shell General Greases for Trucks and Cars

Shell Retinax EP

  • Shell Retinax EP 2
  • Shell Retinax EP 3

Shell Retinax HD

  • Shell Retinax HD 2

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